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Office Services/Hours

Front Desk Hours: 8:00am-Noon and 1:00-4:00pm, Monday through Friday. Major Holidays: Closed.
Royal Mauian Homeowners Office Services:
The Office is an operation of the Royal Mauian Homeowners' Association. All owners and guests must register with the Office within 24 hours of
arrival to property.  For safety reasons, the onsite manager must know which units are occupied.
The Office issues parking passes to owners and registered renters. All cars parked in the lot must display the parking pass.
Unauthorized vehicles are subject to tow.
The Office is not a rental agent, does not provide concierge-type services and can't assist with current or future reservations questions. For questions
about unit amenities, appliance/TV/internet issues, please contact your rental agent or management company that accepted your reservation.  The Office/
Resident Manager should be contacted in case of water leaks, floods or other building emergencies.
For Liability reasons, the Front Desk is not allowed to accept packages of any kind for rental guests. Renters wishing to send packages in advance should contact
their rental agent or management company to make arrangements for them to accept and then deliver the package to the unit upon arrival.  For packages delivered during a rental stay, note that FedEx, UPS and DHL deliver directly to the unit door.  All packages delivered via the US Postal Service are delivered to
locked parcel boxes that can only be opened with the unit mailbox key.  Per US postal regulations, the Front Desk is unable to access unit parcel boxes.
For a nominal fee, the Front Desk will print boarding passes or make a small number of copies.  Larger scale business needs should be directed to local UPS,
OfficeMax or other business services providers.