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Scheduled Maintenance

Routine Quarterly Pest Control 2018    by Mid-Pacific Pest Control  
                                      ** dates subject to change **      
February 6th
May 1st
July 31st  
November 13th  
All units in the complex receive a quarterly pest/bug control spraying of the unit(baseboards-Kitchens and bathrooms)
Spraying begins approximately at 8:00am on the top floor(6th) and work down floor by floor, finshing approximately by 12:00pm
  • Occupants must vacate during treatment, surfaces need to dry prior to contact
  • Sensitive persons or families with small children may wish to leave for 2 - 4 hours
  • All towels, children's toys & beach items should be removed from the area bases 
  • Leave a note of any problem areas on the kitchen counter, and have areas accessible and cleared of food or clutter.
Routine Quarterly Drain Lateral Cleaning 2018
February 12th
May 7th
August 6th
November 19th
This service affects ground floor units only. This invloves running a drain cleaning machine(snake) thru the kitchen drain in all ground floor units. This takes approximately 10-15 min per unit. Service begins at 9:00am